Monday, June 11, 2012

Wealth through Stealth!

We’ve written in this space before of our grave concern at the outrageous global proliferation of genetically modified organisms, or GMOs and of the power over consumers exerted by the companies that produce them. As each year passes there are more and more indications that this path is not supportive of healthy ecosystems.

Why are we so concerned you may ask?
• Consumers were never informed that GMOs were being introduced into the food system;
• We are still left in the dark as to the presence of GMOs in our food due to the complete lack of labeling requirements;
• GMOs have never been adequately tested in the field nor in the human population (thank goodness!);
• GMO crops are failing globally at a fairly high rate;
• GMO crops and the chemicals used to protect them from pests are creating super weeds & super pests that unfortunately will require more powerful & dangerous chemicals;
• Virtually every aspect of a genetically modified seed is covered by a patent, meaning you can never save your own seeds and must always return to the multi-national corporation to buy seeds each & every year in perpetuity;
• GMO crops will cross-pollinate with wild and organically grown plants thereby contaminating them;
• Most of these GMO crops are heavily subsidized the government thereby putting the cultivation of organically grown crops at a severe economic disadvantage;
• Isn’t that enough?!

What can we do about it? Is this not a great opportunity to prove to concerned consumers that supporting organics is the best way to protect ourselves and our families from harmful chemicals and GMOs? We think it is!
Supporting organics means that you are supporting chemical-free agriculture that respects both the land and the consumer. It also means our rivers, our air, our drinking water and our food will not be contaminated with extremely harmful chemicals.

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