Sunday, March 11, 2012

Organic Battleground

If you follow the conflicts between organic agriculture and manufacturers of GMOs, you may be aware of the grave concerns organic farmers have of protecting the integrity of their crops. The way the law currently views this dynamic is that organic farmers are the ones responsible for protecting themselves from possible contamination by GMO crops. The patents they hold on these seeds provides for this protection. Now, that is akin to telling a child who is being bullied by one or more larger and more powerful children that s/he is solely responsible for protecting her/himself with absolutely NO support or protection from the school or any other adult! Sounds a bit imbalanced, doesn't it?

Well, there has been movement by some of those organic farmers to take a stand. These small, but very important efforts must be embraced by the industry leaders in organics and by those who consume those products. If left uncontested, companies like Monsanto, Dupont, Syngenta and other behemoths in the biotech industry will take their already massive influence to levels that will make them impenetrable. At some point, there will be no way to avoid ingesting GMOs in any foods as they will have become so prevalent and completely protected that the basic essence of nature will have been irreversibly altered.

Visionary Values will soon have our database in place so that people can see the linkages between these global biotech giants, our food systems, our politicians and our health. We think you will be amazed at just how few control so many and so much. It really is unimaginable what we have allowed to take place! This is a matrix of control that is, at the very least, criminal! Stay tuned!!

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Anonymous said...

I googled Monsanto and most of the listings on the first page of the search reveal anti-Monsanto news and websites. There must be good reason for all this hate!